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  • 8:07 PM, Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

About IIST Internship Programmes

IIST offers internship opportunities for students. Students from all over India, and from abroad, have availed of these opportunities. Only those who are pursuing a recognized programme of study are admitted as interns. Interns gain by working with IIST faculty and other IIST researchers, and by using the research facilities in IIST.

Types of internship available are:
  • Summer internship - during summer vacation, May to July period Next announcement will be in February 2019
  • Winter internship - during winter vacation, December period Next announcement will be in October 2019



Interns are selected from bonafide students who apply against announced topics. See the links below for previous years' announcements, topics, etc. Selection is based on academic proficiency, and also backgrounds relevant for each topic, as indicated by projects undertaken and courses done. Selection may also involve telephonic interviews and inputs from the applicant's teachers.

Winter Internships-2018