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  • 11:27 PM, Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Department of Earth and Space Sciences
P.R. Sinha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D., Working @Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Balloon Facility, Hyderabad/Awarded by Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur (2009-2012)
  • M. Sc., Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University (2003-2005)

  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (Since January 2019)
  • Post-doctoral Fellow/Project Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo (2015 – 2017)
  • Scientific Officer, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (April 2007-Januay 2019)
  • Research Intern (CSIR Diamond jubilee research internship award fellowship), National Physical Laboratory (November 2005-March 2007)

Aerosol-cloud interaction

     This course comprises of both theoretical understating of the subject and field observations, enabling students to cater conceptual understanding of interactions among aerosols, clouds and climate and develop analytical ability in quantifying the impact of aerosols and clouds on the Earth’s radiation budget for mitigation of climate change for creating sustainable civil system.


Radiative Transfer in Atmosphere  

This course is designed in enabling students to cater to the conceptual understanding of the transfer of radiation in the atmosphere, Earth’s energy budget and its climate impact and application of radiative transfer to the development of remote sensing methodologies to retrieve various atmospheric properties. 

Atmospheric and Oceanic Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques 

It offers opportunities in enabling students to have hands-on experience in complex processes of design, development and testing of state-of-the-art  ground-based and space-borne instrumentation used in atmospheric and oceanic sciences.


  • Balloon-borne measurement of aerosols
  • Dynamics of aerosols
  • Radiative impact of aerosols
  • Aerosol-cloud-monsoon interaction

Please feel free to write me for any possible research collaboration in the realm of aerosol science.

Nurturing students for effective space science research using balloon-borne instrumentation for the benefit of the society.

If you are a student/faculty and would like to visit our lab please drop me an e-mail.