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  • 9:52 PM, Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

Sl. No.TitleName of Research ScholarDepartmentYearAbstractFull Text
1Livelihood vulnerability of rice farmers of Tamilnadu, India to climate variability and extremesRajkumar R.Humanities2021SC15D005.pdf
2Development of a Mathematical model for compressible liquid transients and its numerical implementationJishnu Chandran R.Aerospace Engineering2021SC13D016.pdf
3Early stages of high – mass star formation: A multiwavelength investigationNamitha IssacEarth and Space Science2021SC16D001.pdfSC16D001 FT.pdf
4Fuel optimal trajectory and guidance design for lunar soft landing at a target siteRamesh NAerospace Engineering2021SC11D026.pdfSC11D026 FT.pdf
5Performance optimization and optimal design of six wheeled rover for uneven hard terrainSam NobleAerospace Engineering2021SC11D014.pdfSC11D014 FT.pdf
6Software defined disruption tolerant networksSarath BabuAvionics2021SC14D004.pdfSC14D004 FT.pdf
7A Solid state NMR study of the local mobility of water and water induced dynamics of linkers on silica surfaceVeena V SPhysics2021SC16D054.pdfSC16D054 FT.pdf
8Study of the effect of nonlocal hopping and resetting in asymmetric exclusion processKarthika S.Physics2021SC13D014.pdf
9Load commutated current source inverter Fed AC motor drives with open-end stator windingsRichu Sebastian CAvionics2020SC14D006.pdf
10Developing unconventional holography and imaging methods using intensity and polarization correlation: spatial statistical optics approachDarshika SinghPhysics2021SC14D009.pdfSC14D009 FT.pdf
11Design, characterization and development of various plasmonic optical sensors for biomedical applicationsNithesh Kumar Subhash AgrawalAvionics2021SC18D047.pdf
12Topological entanglement entropy and gapless Majorana edge modes in the three-dimensional Kitaev modelRandeep N CPhysics2020SC13D006.pdfSC13D006 FT.pdf
13Urban Growth Modeling using Cellular Automata based Machine Learning TechniquesAarthi Aishwarya. DEarth and Space Sciences2020SC14D001.pdfSC14D001 FT.pdf
14Study of Spectral Signatures and Accretion Dynamics of Black Holes During OutburstsAneesha UEarth and Space Sciences2020SC14D007.pdfSC14D007 FT.pdf
15Investigations on the critical Parameters influencing the properties and functional performance of ablative CompositesMohan Kumar. L.Aerospace Engineering2020SC14D011.pdf 
16Resistive RAM and Neuromorphic Systems: Role of ions and interface statesPreetam HazraPhysics2020SC15D001.pdfSC15D001 FT.pdf
17Mind and space: A study on post- Traumatic psychosocial Disabilities in Selected malayalam films of the1980s and 90sGayathri G.RHumanities2020SC15D003.pdfSC15D003 FT.pdf
18Chemical sensing applications of luminescent MoS 2 and WS 2 Based 2D materialsNeema. P. MChemistry2020SC15D006.pdfSC15D006 FT.pdf
19Investigations on NaCl particle templating method For the preparation of microcellular carbon and Silicon carbide foamsPraveen wilsonChemistry2020SC15D007.pdfSC15D007 FT.pdf
20(Trans)forming Space: Construction and Contestation of Transgender Identities in Selected Malayalam FilmsAnu KuriakoseHumanities2020SC15D012.pdf 
21Investigations of metal- Semiconductor thin films and Nanostructures of layered materialsReshmi SPhysics2020SC13D011.pdfSC13D011 FT.pdf
22Modelling and Performance Analysis of Some Communication Related Queuing SystemsSweta DeyMathematics2020SC15D020.pdfSC15D020 FT.pdf
23On the Quantification and Control of Internal Energy in Energetic Radiation Interaction with PahsVinitha M VPhysics2020 SC16D006 FT.pdf
24Strategies to Develop Materials for Lithium Storage in High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries and PseudocapacitorsHaritha HChemistry2020SC15D014.pdf 
25Numerical Studies on Mass Transfer Enhancement by Vortex GeneratorsAravind G PAerospace Engineering2020SC15D024.pdfSC15D024 FT.pdf
26A High Throughput Multi-scale Optical Flow Architecture and its Application Towards Cloud TrackingBibin JohnsonAvionics2019SC13D019.pdf 
27Breather modes in spin chains: A study on the geometry and dynamics of certain special magnon modesRahul O. R.Physics2019SC14D002.pdfSC14D002 FT.pdf
28Fractional Order Controller for Complex Valued Systems and System with Multiple NonlinearitySathish Kumar PAvionics2019SC15D025.pdfSC15D025 FT.pdf
29A stochastic Wavelet Finite Element Method using B-Spline Wavelet on the Interval for Problems in Structural MechanicsShashank VadlamaniAerospace Engineering2019SC15D002.pdf 
30Investigations on Electro-Active Shape Memory Polymer Nanocomposites: Polyurethane – Carbon Black / Carbon Nanotube SystemsArun D IAerospace Engineering2019SC16D026.pdfSC16D026 FT.pdf
31Some Aspects of Phase Estimation in Paraxial Wave OpticsAmeen Yasir P A.Physics2019SC15D013.pdfSC15D013 FT.pdf
32Digital Holographic Studies on Detection of Defects in Honeycomb Sandwich Structures and Imaging of Stresses in Transparent ObjectsBinu P. Thomas.Aerospace Engineering2019 SC11D010 FT.pdf
33Supramolecular Assemblies of Carbon Nanomaterials with Photochromic Molecules for Sustainable Molecular ElectronicsDevi Renuka K.Chemistry2019SC13D012.pdf 
34Synthesis and characterization of protein Templated multifunctional noble metal Quantum clusters for Biomedical ApplicationsMeegle S. Mathew.Chemistry2019SC13D021.pdf 
35Iterative analytical techniques for the Design of transfer trajectories for Direct Interplanetary Orbiter MissionParvathi S.P.Aerospace Engineering2019SC12D018.pdfSC12D018 FT.pdf
36Heteroatom containing porous Carbon Materials for electrochemical energy Storage applicationsReshma c.Chemistry2019SC13D004.pdf 
37Studies on controllability of Dynamical systems with impulses and Time-delay controlsVijayakumar S. MuniMathematics2019SC15D021.pdfSC15D021 FT.pdf
38Graphene and Mos2 Based Nano Functional Materials For Electrochemical Sensing/Storage ApplicationsAswathi R.Chemistry2019SC13D003.pdfSC13D003 FT.pdf
39Regional 4DVar Assimilation Studies on Weather Systems Over India Using the WRF ModelDeepak GopalakrishnanEarth and Space Sciences2019SC14D003.pdfSC14D003 FT.pdf
40Hybrid-state Driven Autonomous Control for Planar Bipedal LocomotionSam K. ZachariahAvionics2019SC09D001.pdfSC09D001 FT.pdf
41Formulation of Multiple Kernel Learning Using Composite ArchitecturesShiju S. S.Mathematics2019SC13D008.pdfSC13D008 FT.pdf
42ICT Tools’ Diffusion, Determinants, and its Economic Performance on Small-Scale Motorised Fishing boats in Kerala: A Case StudySabu MHumanities2019SC12D006.pdfSC12D006 FT.pdf
43Virtual Element Method for Time Dependent Problems on Polygonal MeshesDibyendu AdakMathematics2018SC13D005.pdfSC13D005 FT.pdf
44Constructing India: Cultural Identity And Politics of Representing Shashi Kapoor in the Select Merchant Ivory FilmsJayalekshmi N. S.Humanities2018SC13D002.pdfSC13D002 FT.pdf
45Weak Stability Boundary Transfers to Moon and MarsPooja DuttMathematics2017SC12D002.pdfSC12D002 FT.pdf
46Studies of Multi-Functional Printed and Dielectric Resonator Antennas using Split Ring Resonators and Metallic StructuresShaik Latheef Ahmed.Avionics2018SC14D014.pdfSC14D014 FT.pdf
47On the Evolution of Finite Sized Complex NetworksAbhishek Chakraborty.Avionics2018SC12D011.pdfSC12D011 FT.pdf
48IRDCs to Star Clusters: In Depth Study of the Structure, Evolution and Kinematics of Few Southern Massive Star Forming RegionsVeena V.S.Earth & Space Sciences2018SC13D007.pdfSC13D007 FT.pdf
49Frequency Regulation in Conventional, Deregulated and Wind Integrated Power SystemsDeepak M.Avionics2018SC13D009.pdfSC13D009 FT.pdf
50The Study of Diffuse Warm - Hot Gas using Quasar Absorption Line SpectroscopySachin Pachat.Earth & Space Sciences2018SC13D013.pdfSC13D013 FT.pdf
51Observational Studies of Galactic Star-Forming RegionsSwagat Ranjan Das.Earth & Space Sciences2018SC12D016.pdfSC12D016 FT.pdf
52Controlled aggregation of graphene Nanostructures using novel Functionalization techniques and their Application in electrochemical BiosensorsLavanya J.Chemistry2018SC12D005.pdfSC12D005 FT.pdf
53Computation assisted de novo design and Development of combinatorial fluorophore Library for theranosticsRakesh R.Chemistry2018SC12D017.pdfSC12D017 FT.pdf
54 Synthesis,Photophysical studies and Chemical Sensor Applications of Luminescent Carbon DotsManjunatha Ganiga.Chemistry2018SC13D001.pdf 
55Investigations on Novel Processing Methods for Ceramic FoamsSujith Vijayan.Chemistry2017SC12D009.pdfSC12D009 FT.pdf
56Weighted Nuclear Norm MinimizationMethod for Massive MIMO Low-RankChannel Estimation ProblemVani Devi, M.Avionics2018SC10D014.pdfSC10D014 FT.pdf
57Methods for eliminating the limit cycle oscillationdue to low resolution ADC/DPWMin digitally controlled DC-DC convertersSajitha, G.Avionics2018SC11D006.pdf 
58Statistical and Non-Statistical Processes inPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and theirDerivatives under Charged Particle InteractionNajeeb P. K.Physics2017SC12D012.pdfSC12D012 FT.pdf
59Automatic Feature Extraction and Classification of Cell Images for CytopathologyGopakumar, G.Earth and Space Sciences2017SC12D013.pdfSC12D013 FT.pdf
60Study of select issues of Resilient Supply ChainsRajesh, R.Humanities2017SC12D015.pdfSC12D015 FT.pdf
61Improved Algorithms for Automatic Registration of 3D Point CloudsDhanya S PankajEarth and Space Sciences2017SC12D014.pdfSC12D014 FT.pdf
62Spectral and chemical characterization of hydrous sulphate-phyllosilicate association and banded iron formation in India: Probable implications for MarsMahima SinghEarth and Space Sciences2017SC12D007.pdfSC12D007 FT.pdf
63Atomistic Simulations on the Mechanical Behavior of Bio-inspired Brittle Matrix NanocompositesMathiazhagan, S.Aerospace Engineering2017SC11D022.pdfSC11D022 FT.pdf
64Social construction of empowerment – a study on the impact of government ICT programmes amongst women in KeralaRashmi, M.Humanities2017SC11D023.pdf 
65Application of signal tracking methods for fringe analysisRahul G WaghmareAvionics2017SC11D025.pdf 
66Discontinuous finite volume methods for optimal control problemsRuchi SandilyaMathematics2017SC12D004.pdfSC12D004 FT.pdf
67Studies on Carbohydrate Derived Sorbents for carbon Dioxide RemovalDeepthi L SivadasChemistry2016SC12D001.pdfSC12D001 FT.pdf
68Radio using uniform and non-uniform filter banksS. Chris PremaAvionics2016SC11D013.pdfSC11D013 FT.pdf
69Spectral analysis for the species characterization of mangroves of bhitarkanika national park, odisha, india using hyperspectral remote sensingArun Prasad, K.Earth and Space Science2016SC11D003.pdfSC11D003 FT.pdf
70Investigation of heat transfer characteristics of kerosene based nanofluidsDeepak Kumar AgarwalAerospace Engineering2016SC10D001.pdfSC10D001 FT.pdf
71Improved simulation of meteorological systems over India: Impact of assimilating satellite observations using 3DVar and EnKFDhanya, M.Earth and Space Sciences2016SC11D005.pdfSC11D005 FT.pdf
72Novel/green synthesis and characterization of hybrid titanium dioxide photocatalysts for visible light photodegradation of pollutants and the reactive oxygen species involvedMohamed Mukthar Ali, S. M. Y.Chemistry2016SC11D028.pdfSC11D028 FT.pdf
73A study of elliptical and circular jets at thermodynamic subcritical and supercritical conditionsMuthukumaran, C. K.Aerospace Engineering2016SC10D005.pdfSC10D005 FT.pdf
743D semantic labelling of urban lidar point cloud and multispectral dataRamiya, A. M.Earth and Space Science2016SC11D030.pdfSC11D030 FT.pdf
75Studies on broadband conjugate Matched feed hornRanajit DeyAvionics2016SC10D009.pdfSC10D009 FT.pdf
76Toughened epoxy nanocomposites based on surface engineered NanofillersRaneesh KonnolaChemistry2016SC11D001.pdfSC11D001 FT.pdf
77An investigation of nonclassical properties of light using an optical tomogramRohith, M.Physics2016SC11D020.pdfSC11D020 FT.pdf
78Structure based design and development of Kinase inhibitors and dendrimeric nanoprobe Based on 2-aminothiazole templateSarah TitusChemistry2016SC11D004.pdfSC11D004 FT.pdf
79Shaping and analysis of laser speckle for imaging applicationsVinu, R.V.Physics2016SC12D008.pdfSC12D008 FT.pdf
80Investigating limit cycle performance and asymptotic bode behavior of fractional-order controllersAmeya Anil KesarkarAvionics2015SC10D006.pdfSC10D006 FT.pdf
81Multiple classifiers and dimensionality reduction methods for hyperspectral image classificationBharat BhushanEarth and Space Sciences2015SC11D007.pdfSC11D007 FT.pdf
82Polymer nanocomposite films of Zno and Zno/MWNT for nonlinear Optical applicationsHaripadmam, P. C.Physics2015SC10D020.pdfSC10D020 FT.pdf
83Geometric structures on a statistical manifold and geometry of estimationHarsha, K.V.Mathematics2015SC11D017.pdfSC11D017 FT.pdf
84Electrospun gelatin based nanofibers cross-linked by natural molecules for biomedical applicationsJalaja, K.Chemistry2015SC10D003.pdfSC10D003 FT.pdf
85Efficient piezoelectric beam finite element formulations based on coupled polynomial interpolationsLithesh Nandakishor SulbhewarAerospace Engineering2015SC10D007.pdfSC10D007 FT.pdf
86Dynamics and spectral analysis of laser produced plasmas in the presence of external magnetic fieldMakaraju Srinivasa RajaPhysics2015SC10D010.pdfSC10D010 FT.pdf
87Investigations on processing of carbon foams from sucrose and reinforcing carbon additivesNarasimman, R.Chemistry2015SC11D008.pdfSC11D008 FT.pdf
88Investigations on wave propagation through pseudo-random-phase-plate using He-Ne laser at 633 nmRicha SharmaPhysics2015SC10D008.pdfSC10D008 FT.pdf
89Development, characterization and biological evaluation of polysaccharide based nanomaterials for enhanced delivery of curcumin to cancer cellsSarika, P. R.Chemistry2015SC10D017.pdfSC10D017 FT.pdf
90A qualitative study of controllability of a certain class of fuzzy systems and nonlinear matrix lyapunov systemsBhaskar DubeyMathematics2014SC10D013.pdfSC10D013 FT.pdf
91Tailoring the defects in Zno and Zno-graphene hybrids for visible light photoconductivity and nonlinear absorptionKavitha, M. K.Chemistry2014SC10D016.pdfSC10D016 FT.pdf
92Role of collective excitation in high energy radiation interaction with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsPreeti Manjari MishraPhysics2014SC10D018.pdfSC10D018 FT.pdf
93Lower dimensional approximation of thin elastic and piezoelectric shellsRaja, J.Mathematics2014SC10D012.pdfSC10D012 FT.pdf
94Synthesis of polyaniline hybrids of graphene/MWNT for photocurrent generation and optical limiting applicationsRemyamol, T.Chemistry2014SC10D002.pdfSC10D002 FT.pdf
95Spin-polarized current driven magnetization dynamics and applications in spin valve pillarsSanid, C.Physics2014SC10D004.pdfSC10D004 FT.pdf
96Investigations on the techniques for development of high resolution optical systems for earth observationSenthil Kumar, M.Physics2014SC10D011.pdfSC10D011 FT.pdf
97Investigations on fine finishing of surfaces using elastic abrasivesSooraj,V. S.Aerospace Engineering2014SC10D015.pdfSC10D015 FT.pdf
98Computation of high speed chemically reacting viscous flows with cartesian mesh on a GPU based parallel systemAshok, V.Aerospace Engineering2013SC08D001.pdf 
99Studies on film cooling in rocket combustion chambersShine, S. R.Aerospace Engineering2013SC09D002.pdfSC09D002 FT.pdf